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Red Pashmina

Our classic signature Red Pashmina is our most popular item, wth sales around the world.



Cowel Neck Scarf

Members of the Sewing Collective of the Peterborough New Canadians Centre sewed these red/grey reversible cozy winter cowl neck scarves especially for Red Pashmina.



‘Windows on Afghanistan’ Blue Scarf

Red Pashmina Inc. employed Afghan newcomer, Aquela Mohaqqeq, to sew these soft and silky scarves, which we call “Windows on Afghanistan”.



Cotton Tote Bag


This cotton tote bag – perfect for library books or lunches – was sewn by Peterborough newcomer Aquela Mohaqqeq from Afghanistan for Red Pashmina Inc. Her daughter, Mahsa Mohseni, also a refugee from Afghanistan, created the image on the tote bag and graciously donated her artwork.

They are $40 and are available by calling 705-748-6251 or contacting

Here is the story that goes with Mahsa’s artwork:

Simorgh (literally meaning ‘thirty birds’, which are catching dreams and bringing happiness) is a story from the Persian poet Farid u-din Attar, from his book ‘Conference of the Birds’.

The story recounts the longing of a group of birds who search for a leader. They decide the legendary “Simorgh” should be their king, and they go on a journey to find him. They journey over seven valleys, each representing one stage of attainment to wholeness.

One by one, the birds drop out, unable to fulfill the challenging journey. Eventually only thirty birds reach the land of Simorgh, but instead of finding their spiritual leader, all they see is their own reflection in a lake. As the birds realise the truth, they see they are not separate from the universe – they are one with it.