Spring 2022

Red Pashmina Walk

The 2022 Red Pashmina Walk was a ‘solo’ outing for a third consecutive year due to COVID-19 conditions

Once again, the event has been hosted by the Peterborough chapter of Canadian Women For Women in Afghanistan (CW4WA) alongside Red Pashmina Inc., with proceeds being presented to CW4WA for the education of Afghan women and their families. Money raised will go to support online education materials and courses as well as humanitarian baskets which include food, hygiene products and learning materials.

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With the return of the Taliban regime, the education of women and girls continues to be relevant in Afghanistan, now more than ever.
The country finds itself, once again, at a crossroads; hoping to maintain important strides made over the past two decades, especially for women’s rights, yet fearful of the Taliban’s grip.

Canadian Women For Women in Afghanistan continues to champion education as a means to peace.